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How Farm Sanctuaries Are Changing People’s Views

Imagine going to a large factory farm and seeing chickens crowded in small cages, pigs living in gestation crates, cows hooked onto machinery that extracts milk from them or living in overcrowded barns. Although we enjoy indulging meat and dairy products, many of us are ignorant to think about how it got to us.

Did you know that almost every farm animal suffers more than half of their life because their goal in life is to satisfy our needs? Imagine being in an animals’ position and think about how it would feel if your life goal was to produce for others.

Luckily, many people are realizing the suffering that is taking place, which is leading them to create a safe environment for animals at farm sanctuaries. Moreover, this farm sanctuary initiative has changed the views of many people and here is how.

Promoting Compassion towards Animals

Farm sanctuaries work hard to reduce animal suffering, which is why they invite people to come in and learn the importance of compassion for these living beings. The goal of farm sanctuaries is to help animals that have been abandoned, neglected, and abused. The animals are not exploited in any way, instead, there are measures taken to restore their physical and emotional health.

These animals spend their life in open pastures rather than being in small barns. They get to enjoy the sun and visitors spend time with them in their natural habitat. Animals roam freely and the visitors can connect with every animal on their own terms.

Animals are Friends, Not Food

We do not realize this, but animals are much like humans because every animal has their own unique quirk. Just like us, animals tend to put their emotions on display like when a calf is taken away from its mother, the mother cow makes crying sounds, and animals become sad if they have been separated from their partner. They can develop deep bonds with each other.

With tours and tireless work from volunteers, farm sanctuaries have drawn visitors to come in so they can connect with the different animals. It is eye opening when you can actually interact with another being and realize that they have a personality and can feel not only physical but emotional pain as well.

Safe Lifestyle and Raising Awareness

Farm sanctuaries disclose the atrocities at farm factories and the brutal conditions that animals endure. Moreover, they expose how these factories negatively affect our communities and the world. Farm sanctuaries encourage you to live a healthier life while becoming empathic of our fellow beings.

Now that you are aware of the difference made by farm sanctuaries, it is time you visit your nearest one and join the movement!

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